Amazon Training for UAE & KSA

Abdullah Dilbar Institute offers specialized Amazon training courses catering to UAE and KSA residents. Whether in Faisalabad, Pakistan, or online, our programs cover FBA, FBM, Private Label, and Wholesale strategies.

Amazon UAE & KSA Course Overview

Module 1: Introduction to Amazon & FBA Model
  1. Understanding the concept and significance of Amazon FBA in KSA and UAE.
  2. Exploring the Growth and Potential of Amazon in the Middle East
  3. Identifying the key factors driving the future of Amazon in the KSA & UAE.
Module 2: Pros and Cons of Amazon FBA in the Middle East
  1. Examining the advantages and opportunities offered by Amazon in UAE & KSA
  2. Analysing the challenges and limitations associated with Amazon in the Middle East.
Module 3: Amazon Working Models
  1. Introduction to various Amazon Working Models available like Private Label, Wholesale, White Label & Arbitrage
  2. Evaluating the features, benefits, and suitability of different working models on Amazon.
Module 4: Product Hunting & Analyzing
  1. Product Hunting for PL
  2. Product Hunting for Wholesale FBA
  3. Product Hunting for Whitelabel FBA
  4. Product Hunting for Arbitrage
Module 5: Amazon Seller Central creation
  1. Setting up a seller central from scratch
  2. Understanding the essential account settings for FBA
Module 6: Product Sourcing
  1. Sourcing for PL
  2. Sourcing for Wholesale
  3. Sourcing for Whitelabel
  4. Sourcing for Arbitrage
Module 7: Product Listing
  1. Keyword research
  2. Primary keywords & secondary keywords.
  3. Listing creation for PL
Module 8: Sales Generation Techniques on Amazon
  1. Strategies and techniques to start the sales on your new seller account
  2. BuyBox Winning Strategies
  3. Increase sales velocity
  4. Sales Track
Module 9: FBA Inventory Management
  1. Order FBA inventory according to sales velocity
  2. Inventory breakdown on days
  3. Plan inventory for the next 3 months
Module 10: FBA Inventory Prep
  1. Labels Creation for FBA inventory
  2. Amazon Warehouse appointment for FBA inventory
  3. Sent inventory direct from the supplier to the Amazon warehouse
Module 11: Pay Per Click (PPC)
  1. PPC on PL Listings
  2. PPC on Whitelabel and wholesale listings
  3. Implementing effective PPC tactics.
Module 12: Amazon Easy-ship in the Middle East
  1. Understanding the Easy-ship importance as a fulfillment method.

Module 13: Performance and Audit Sheets
  1. ROI Calculation sheet before sourcing
  2. Profit calculation sheet at the end of the month
  3. Product sales tracking sheet
Module 14: Question and Answer Session
  1. Addressing students’ queries and concerns related to Amazon FBA
  2. Providing additional guidance and support based on individual needs
  3. Summarizing key takeaways and encouraging further exploration and growth

hands on practice

Abdullah Dilbar Institute ensures hands-on practice in its Amazon training programs. Gain practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge to excel in FBA, FBM, Private Label, and Wholesale strategies.

Whether in Faisalabad, Pakistan, or online, our courses offer interactive learning opportunities. Become proficient in Amazon Seller Central and sharpen your e-commerce skills with practical exercises. Join us today to receive comprehensive training and hands-on practice, preparing you to thrive in the competitive world of Amazon selling.


Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) streamlines the selling process by handling storage, packaging, and shipping of products. Here’s how it works.

Amazon FBM

FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) is an alternative model to FBA where sellers manage storage, packaging, and shipping themselves. Here’s how it works:


Private Label

Private Label on Amazon refers to the practice of selling products under a brand owned by the seller, distinct from the manufacturer’s brand. Here’s how it works.

Amazon Wholesale

Wholesale on Amazon involves purchasing products in bulk from manufacturers or distributors and reselling them on the Amazon platform. Here’s how it works: