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eCommerce sales worldwide are on the verge of reaching $6.5 trillion, while Pakistan’s eCommerce industry is approaching $8 billion in sales.

At Abdullah Dilbar Institute, our goal is to achieve a cumulative revenue of $2 billion and assets totaling $35 billion by the year 2030.

Before launching publicly, we rigorously test our offerings. As part of this commitment, we provide each month batch of our eCommerce (eCommerce Training) program to students at no cost, yielding incredibly positive results.

Our offerings include an AI-powered support system, a comprehensive learning management system web portal, dedicated Android and iOS apps, training completion certificates, a committed support team, and regularly updated content modules.

Module 1: 🎯 Product Hunting, Sourcing & Content Creation 🛍️

  1. Product Hunting 🕵️
  2. Product Selection ✅
  3. Product Sourcing 🌐
  4. Negotiating with Vendors 💼
  5. Product Pricing & Profitability 💰
  6. Inventory Management 📦
  7. Competitor Analysis 🔍
  8. Product Photography, UGC Content & Other Video Content for Social Media & Ads 📸📹

Module 2: 📱 Social Media Pages & Business Manager Setup 📊

  1. Creating a Professional Looking Facebook Page 📘
  2. Creating a Professional Looking Instagram Page 📸
  3. Setting Up & Managing Facebook Business Manager (Adding People, Adding Pages, Creating Ad Accounts, Connecting Assets, Domain Verification) 💼
  4. How to Find Hot-Selling Videos Service to Sell 🎥

Module 3: 🖥️ Web Store Setup 🛒

  1. Shopify Store Setup: Themes, Apps, Facebook Pixel & Catalog Integration, Listing Products, Setting Up Delivery & Other Essentials 🛍️
  2. WordPress Store Setup: WooCommerce Integration, Themes, Website Builders, Plugins, Listing Products, Facebook Pixel & Catalog Integration 🌐
  3. Best Practices for Better Conversion & Increasing ROAS 💡

Module 4: 🔍 Branding & Marketing 📣

  1. How to Do Branding 🎨
  2. Branding Essentials ✨
  3. eCommerce Store SEO – Keyword Research, On-Page SEO of Product, Technical SEO 📊
  4. Social Media Marketing – Facebook & Instagram Ads, Advanced Facebook Ads (Audience Targeting, Custom Audience Creation, Lookalike Audiences, Scaling, Ads Strategies), TikTok Ads, Google Ads, Shopping Ads 📱
  5. Google Search Console 🌐
  6. Google Tag Manager (GTM) 🏷️
  7. Google Analytics for Traffic Analysis 📈
  8. Advanced eCommerce Measurements & Tracking 📉
  9. Relevant SEO Tools 🔧
  10. Free Social Media Marketing 🆓
  11. Influencer Marketing 🌟

Module 5: 💳 COD Accounts & Deliveries 📦

  1. Opening COD Accounts at Competitive Rates 💵
  2. Packaging and Gesture Messages 📦📝
  3. Managing Deliveries 🚚
  4. Maintaining Low Return Ratios 🔒

Module 6: 📊 Business Models 💼

  1. White Label Product Stores 🏷️
  2. Private Label Product Stores 🏷️
  3. Dropshipping / Affiliate-Based Stores 🚚💰
  4. Working as a Freelancer 💼
  5. Partnerships 🤝
  6. Building eCom Flippable Assets and Flipping 💰🔄
What we Provide

What you learn in this mentorship

Introduction to E-Commerce

👉 Definition and concept

👉 Evolution of e-commerce

👉 Types of e-commerce (B2B, B2C, C2C, etc.)

Business Models

👉 Marketplace model

👉 Inventory model

👉 Service-based model

Product Hunting

👉 Via Facebook

👉 Via TikTok

👉 Via Trend

Product Sourcing

👉 Find Suppliers (Local)

👉 Find Suppliers (International)

👉 Manual Research

Building Website

👉 Domain registration and hosting

👉 Website design and usability

👉 E-commerce platforms (e.g., Shopify, WooCommerce)

Digital Marketing

👉 E-commerce strategies

👉 Social media marketing

👉 Search engine optimization (SEO)

Customer Relationship

👉 Customer Behaviour

👉 Customer Attentions

👉 Customer Satisfaction

Logistics and Supply Chain

👉 Couier Management

👉 Inventory management

👉 Shipping and Tracking



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